One of the most recognized automobiles in the market due to its versatility, quality and interior space, the Honda Fit, comes to market in its 2018 version. The Honda model has received important and remarkable improvements in design, safety and comfort, making it even more complete and attractive to the consumer. The Fit 2018 features new front and rear design as well as modern lighting technologies such as daytime running lights and LED flashlights as well as LED headlamps in the EXL version. In safety, the inclusion in all versions of the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system with traction control and stability, and the hill start assist system HSA (Hill Start Assist), which prevents the car from descending for a few moments when taking the foot off the brake on climbs, among other technologies. In its superior versions, the model brings digital air-conditioning and connectivity with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

Visual renovation

The Crossfade Monoform concept, which marks the third generation of the Honda Fit, received major enhancements for the 2018 model. The model features new full-bodied bumper, redesigned front grille as well as new headlamps and lanterns. The Fit comes with daytime running lights in LED, which change position according to its version: on the DX, LX and EX models, are located on the underside of the bumper – as standard in the EX and available as an accessory for the DX and LX versions – while the EXL brings the integrated lighting system to the Full LED headlamps, exclusive to the version, which allow superior visibility at night and more refinement to the model. The unprecedented lanterns with LED lighting also light up in the rear speaker region, further increasing visibility and safety and are standard in all versions. These new flashlights feature the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) emergency braking system which, in sudden braking, blinks automatically and quickly and intermittently to alert the driver behind, minimizing the risk of rear-end collisions. The DX and LX versions adopt 15-inch alloy wheels with differentiated designs, while the EX and EXL versions receive 16-inch wheels with new darkened finish. Flat blade type windshield wiper blades are standard on all versions, more aerodynamic, cleaner design and greater functionality.

More secure and dynamic

Fit’s renowned safety has been enhanced in the 2018 model with the vehicle-grade VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system, which adds traction control and stability, ABS brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and BA (Brake Assist ) and MA-EPS (Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering), which assists in the control of the steering in situations of low adherence or in curves, acting in an active way in the control of the vehicle. In addition, Fit will bring the Hill Assist Assist (Hill Start Assist) system on ramps and the ESS Emergency Brake Alert. They are standard safety equipment, available in all versions of Fit, which allow even safer driving while protecting the occupants.

The EX version, in addition to the two front airbags – standard on all versions – will adopt side-type airbags. The EXL, in turn, also brings the inflatable side curtain bags, totaling six airbags. All Honda Fit versions come standard with ABS brakes with EBD, three-point seat belts for all occupants and an ISOFIX child seat anchorage system.
The dynamics have also been improved with the adoption of a new electric steering box with brushless motor that improves responsiveness and driving sensitivity. The Fit, in the EX and EXL versions, will adopt shifting gears (7), by means of the rear wings of the steering wheel, bringing more control to the driver in a more sporty driving, in versions with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission Continuously Variable). The LX, EX and EXL versions bring the CVT transmission with torque converter and wide range of ratios, which improves traction force at low speeds, providing faster response, linear acceleration and fuel economy. The DX version features a five-speed manual transmission with short, precise couplings, a common feature of Honda transmissions. The entire Fit line is equipped with the 1.5 i-VTEC FlexOne engine, with variable electronic control of synchronization and valve opening. Created by Honda, i-VTEC technology varies the time and depth of valve opening for maximum efficiency at different speeds. Thus, it offers excellent performance and fuel economy according to Conpet, receiving grade A in the category and, when combined with the CVT transmission, A in the overall classification. With ethanol, this engine generates 116 hp at 6,000 rpm and 150 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm – when fueled with gasoline, it is 115 hp at 6,000 rpm and 149 Nm at 4,800 rpm.

Even more complete

Complete from the initial versions, the Honda Fit 2018 offers air conditioning, power steering, power windows on all doors, height adjustment and steering column depth, as well as a variety of interior objects, among other equipment .
The EXL version now offers a new 7.0-inch multimedia center that brings integrated browser and connectivity to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system. Easy to operate, the new multimedia center brings tablet-like handling, allowing intuitive operation of native navigation system maps, or Waze (via Android Auto), and enables music playback via Bluetooth, laptops, or streaming services (via Bluetooth, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connections). This audio system also comes with an integrated navigator and the rear view of the camera with three viewing angles and color distance indication, with a maximum point for opening the trunk. In this version, the audio system features two tweeters on the front speakers, while the steering wheel brings voice command to operate the features of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. Another novelty of this version is the adoption of electrically folding exterior mirrors. In addition, the EX and EXL versions incorporate novelties such as automatic digital air conditioning, with touchscreen panel for temperature and intensity regulation. These versions also receive a central armrest with leather trim, steering wheel with paddle-shifts and electric windows with a touch function for driver and front passenger.

The Fit EX CVT, in turn, adopts the same Bluemeter panel as the top-of-the-line EXL version, external rearview mirrors and leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise control. The audio system of this version consists of AM / FM radio and CD player with 5.0 inch LCD display, Bluetooth, rear view camera with three viewing angles (panoramic, normal and superior), auxiliary inputs and USB. The Hands Free Telephone (HFT) system, positioned next to the steering wheel, makes it possible to service a connection through the wireless connection together with the hands-free function. All versions with fabric seats get a new pattern for the 2018 line, while the EXL version comes with leather-lined seats. The LX version adds new fog lights, while the DX incorporates the driver’s seat with standard height adjustment. Both the DX and LX versions feature AM / FM 2DIN audio system with Bluetooth and USB input. The LX configuration also adds dashboard trim, silver doors and steering wheel, audio control on the steering wheel and blue and white dashboard. The Honda Fit also features unique differentials in its segment, such as the use of internal space, with the fuel tank in the central position, and the exclusive modular configuration system of the seats in the LX, EX and EXL versions. The technology allows several configurations for accommodation of long and tall objects, in addition to the Refresh mode, where the front backrest aligns itself to the rear seat, in a slot that increases the capacity of the vehicle’s packaging.


The Honda Fit 2018 comes on the market in five versions – DX, LX, EX and EXL, in addition to the new Personal version. Manual transmissions are offered in the DX and CVT versions in the others – with seven-speed simulation in the EX and EXL versions. The Personal version is an option that brings the possibility of content customization. Equipped with a CVT transmission, this version offers, as standard, the VSA with HSA and ESS, cruise control, rearview mirrors with direction indicator light, taillights in LED and height adjustment of the driver’s seat, as well as Bluemeter panel. Fit Personal also has the equipment common to all versions, such as air conditioning, MA-EPS electric steering, electric windows and power locks on all doors and steering wheel with height and depth regulation. This version brings as main attraction its price position thought of an audience that seeks option with taxes included in tax exemption, combined with the possibility of purchasing an additional package composed of 15-inch wheels set and audio system that activates pre- installed in the model, such as the speakers, audio control on the steering wheel, Bluetooth system HFT and reverse camera with multivision. All the versions have two unpublished colors: White Starry Perolizado, novelty in Fit, and Boreal Blue (metallic), that debut in the model. The line consists of White Taffeta (solid), Platinum Silver and Barium Gray (metallic) and Crystal Black (pearly). The line has a three-year warranty, with no mileage limit.

2018 – HONDA S660 NEO CLASSIC     

Just over two years ago the Honda S660 Neo Classic Concept was able to spark users’ interest when it debuted as a conceptual work at the Tokyo Auto Salon celebrated in January 2016. The Japanese manufacturer listened to brand enthusiasts and decided to make this customization package for the small two-seat roadster, a kit already available in the Japanese market at a price of 1,296,000 yen, the equivalent of about 48,500 reals to the current exchange rate. This is a special series of retro look, which will be limited to 100 numbered units, which receive modifications in almost all the panels of the body. The car pays homage to the original S600 and evokes the small Japanese sports cars of the 1960s. At the front are the large circular-shaped headlights, which are surrounded by a black plastic mask and large lower air intakes. In the rear the black color takes the protagonism, also debuting new lanterns and a thin chrome bumper. Round mirrors and retro-looking Honda emblems were in the way, among other details that the 2016 prototype presented and that in the end did not materialize in this version that will hit the streets this month. The engine is the same 0.66-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline engine that develops 64 horsepower that powers the conventional version, a propeller that comes coupled with a six-speed manual transmission and is located centrally. The official Honda conversion kit will be available in Japan from next September 21. Although the Japanese manufacturer had considered the possibility of taking the S660 to other markets such as the United States, in the end the model was restricted solely to the Japanese market.

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Car Hire Guidelines Step Two

With this edition I’ll look into the components of car rental after you book, from confirmation of the rental car ending with driving out of the car rental parking lot. As usual though it is only intended as a guide so have a good read of the fine print of individual suppliers and use your own judgment. You may have paid for the car but this does not automatically suggest a car will be waiting for your use if you went straight away to the rental desk. First and foremost confirmation should be sent to you in the form of a voucher from the opted for car rental supplier telling you the car is reserved and available for you. If, perhaps the time to pickup is close and/or is limited in the chosen location (i.e. automatic transmission cars) you can expect to watch the clock as brokers or suppliers try to confirm the car you want. The true secret is look to reserve the rental car early if you are searching to get a hire car that is not going to display as on free sell having said that if you are worried by a no response from the supplier take a moment to drop them a line and find out if the car will be confirmed and when. If the request is refused then you will receive a full refund of any money you have paid nonetheless you may not be able to find a car in your required class even though the hire car provider may well offer you with similar rental options which could be suited for your needs. For more details please check out 2008 dodge challenger car covers.

As you receive your reservation confirmation and voucher meant for collection I would recommend printing it off promptly and reading it, going-through booking times, terms & conditions immediately. Any changes to the booking and / or cancellations in most cases incur charges centered how long it is to the time / date the car is booked for. And as a result the earlier individuals notify the company of an important required correction and / or refund the bigger the savings to you. You absolutely need with the majority of car rental companies a major plastic card having sufficient enough that will deal with charges that may arise like fuel or insurance. Usually the car rental company you are using will not remove funds from your visa or master card but instead hold funds, meaning they are going to make sure you are going to have sufficient concerning the visa or MasterCard in the event you experience an collision, theft or fuel policy ignorance. Cash money release deposits can be found in a few areas however are the exception and you may have to leave quite a lot – should you need some sort of monetary cover it’s best to phone the companies before purchasing so that you can time savings as they are on-request. One must fulfill the particular vehicle license expectations along with experience and age. Usually your own personal drivers license will be required to be clear from considerable penalties, you might need to be over 21 years of age as well as less than 70 years old (T&C’s may show young and older driver charges). Make sure that you supply your complete driver’s license and in addition understand any type of premiums you will have to incur as part of your actual age. If there are points on your own license, confirm with the provider you have rented the car with. Generally speaking minor penalty points which include driving too fast are O.K although several endorsements also drink-driving won’t be looked on favorably by rental companies. When you’ve got drunk-driving endorsed against your own driver’s license therefore normally you may not be given the option to hire hire cars via leading providers till 5 years after the offense occurred.

If coming to a rental desk offer your coupon, license together with a major plastic card. In main locations you’ll have to wait patiently and so for anyone who is very well prepared subsequently getting the car will be at a higher speed and therefore the others at the rear of yourself will recognize the value of you being prepared. A staff will show you your excess figures on your insurance protection of the car, gas routine options and even any kind of upgrades offered (for price tags). Any person unhappy in the model or make one can ask for any different car when available. Asking yourself regarding an automatic transmission should you have ordered the considerably less costly manual gearbox car as an idea is not going to generally show results. Anyhow lots of makes and models make-up a supplier’s hire car fleet thus if the particular rental car is similar all the companies really are happy to swap should some other car has become offered. Before you decide to walk away from the rental desk you’re provided with paperwork for your perusal and signature. This will give information on any insurance cover and it will show any wear and tear around the rental car. This really is a very important official document you will definitely obtain a copy. Be sure to go through it and more importantly check out the damages mentioned next to the rental car. If there is anything at all you’re unhappy, speak out to perhaps the associate inside the hire car parking or maybe return towards the desk. Do not ever accept the rental car unless you’re pleased the hire car is exactly as the leasing contract states since whatever bumps / scratches are going to be imposed on your own visa or master card should you driven the car away from the location, no matter your statement you did not do it. Just before pulling out of parking lot make certain your rental has been adjusted for your size and shape and you are clearly satisfied and content with the setting associated with the equipment not to mention safety devices. Make sure you ask through the car rental representatives if you require a map and also guidance as they tend to be usually more than happy to help.

Electric Car Accessories

Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Car Seat Massager

Here comes the answer to everyone’s longing for comfort while on the road alongside an electric car. Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Car Seat Massager, the name says it all! The cushion uses a soothing massage; radiating heat and cozy memory foam to provide you comfort and help you alleviate stress while driving. For maximum comfort, you can control the level of heat and vibration for massage with a hand-held controller.

Trillium Auto Vent Solar Powered Ventilator

If you have been complaining about heat circulated while your electric car is on park, you might as well invest in a Trillium Auto Vent Solar Powered Ventilator. The solar-powered fan cools your electric car while on park.

Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover (Pair)

If you wanted a rather personal look of your seat belt, you can get a Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover. It uses nature’s thermostat, which makes it cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Unlike any other material, sheepskin is real tough, lasting for several years. Plus, this product comes in a wide array of colors-sure, you can find one that fits your taste and that matches your electric car.

Level 2 240-Volt ECOtality Home Charger

Many electric car owners are having a problem about where to charge their car. This is because not all cities have public installed car hookup stations. Now, that has been solved. ECOtality Director of Stakeholder Services Steve Schey said that they can complete an installation of a home electric car charger; given the owner has a request permit. Full charge can be achieved within 4 to six hours of charging.

Parrot MKi9200 Advanced Color Display Bluetooth Hands-Free Music

Keep driving safe and entertaining with Parrot MKi9200 Advanced Color Display Bluetooth Hands-Free Music, as it keeps you connected with your calls without having to hold your phone. You will be entertained with music inside your car at press of a button. Plus, it features automatic phonebook synchronization, voice recognition and several others. It’s compatible with your all music sources like the iPod, phone, and other mobile devices.

Knight Rider Portable GPS

If your electric car isn’t yet equipped with a GPS unit, here is Knight Rider Portable GPS to guide your direction while on travel.

Tire Pressure Valve Caps

Besides all these tire baling such as the spinners, gold rims, neon lights, etc., you can also put on these Tire Pressure Valve Caps to alert you when the tire pressure drops or when tires need air.

GEM electric car accessories

For GEM electric cars, which do not come with standard doors, there are retailers that offer door installation services. You can choose from the different door types available, which range from $1000 to $3000. Also, you add up a dash-mounted fan for about $70, as GEM electric vehicles do not have air conditioning. Other accessories for you GEM car includes: LSV-100 quick charge kit, heated seats, audio system, roof light bars, tilt steering, cargo carriers and many more. Other accessories for your electric car include: air freshener, trash bin, interior packages, personalized wheels and lights, and many others.

Take the Car to the Car-Wash or DIY

The car you drive is often more important than the clothes you wear. In a job involving constantly moving from one place to another, meeting customers or even taking them to certain places, you need a good car, which first of all doesn’t give up on you when you most need it, than it looks very presentable for all kinds of persons that you might encounter. Such jobs as an insurance agent or a real estate operator require a certain dressing code, to which many add a car maintained in perfect shape. In order to have such a car you don’t need to go for the top brands, but you need to keep it clean and working. Periodically washing it and taking it to a service guarantees you that you will never have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. The car-wash is a very useful place especially for persons who are very busy. The automatic car-washes, are those where the car goes slowly through the shampooing section, the rinsing one and then in the drying part one. They are efficient and quick. You don’t even have to get out of the car; just enjoy the experience. Nevertheless, there are drivers who claim that this kind of washing, being very quick, doesn’t cover all of the dirt areas of a car. Moreover, this type of car-wash is almost always crowded and you have to wait in line to get your turn. That is why many cars are directly taken to the neighborhood manual car-wash. Unlike at the automatic one, there you can actually talk to persons whose jobs are to get your car clean and shiny. You can ask them to clean it on the inside too, or to insist on spots which aren’t covered in the other place. Very often these car-wash facilities are cheaper than the previous one.

Vehicle owners in need to buy car insurance either for old or new auto purchases can be able to access fair deals at select websites. There are many agencies that seek to link different automobile makers and the clients for a consolidated future of their motors. However, the greatest benefit availed from this arrangement is the ability to make concise comparison of quotes from not just one but multiple dealers at a time. The service providers usually merge with assembly plants and the companies that offer policies to bridge the gap for obtaining a fairly personalized auto cover. Only if you live in a house and have a wide enough yard or car alley, you should choose washing the car yourself. This work might turn out to be funny and you could benefit from the help of your partner or of your children. But cars need to look clean even when the temperature is below 10 degrees and that is why the car-wash seems a better choice. Even if you have chosen vehicle leasing a clean car will damage slower than one with mud, salt and all kind of bugs stuck on it.

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